About us

The laboratories of Food Packaging Materials offer companies testing services, applied research, validation , studies of conformity and product certifications according to technical standards and regulations.

The main areas of activity are located in three specific interactive areas:

- FOOD area whose skills are compositional, nutritional, microbiological and sensory food analysis, definition of quality parameters, GMOs research, contaminants, additives, allergens. Thanks to the collaboration between DiSTAM (University of Milan) and CSI the Center of Excellence for the Study of Shelf Life was born, the most comprehensive structure for advanced studies of shelf life. The Centre of Excellence has expertise in terms of food science, packaging technologies, chemical analysis, sensory testing, microbiological investigations, and is equipped with the most modern instruments of analysis;

- FOOD CONTACT area with experience of many years in composition compliance of food contact materials. Overall and specific migration test of monomers, additives , metals, colorings, according to the different EC and extra-EC laws, sensory evaluations;

- MATERIALS area where CSI experience focuses on validations, characterizations, certifications, composition and performance tests of food, pharmaceutical and cosmetic packaging according to European Pharmacopoeia and USP. Physical mechanical tests on materials in general, performance tests on household, toy compliance.

Food Packaging Materials collaborates with public and private Institutions, and develops test methods within the standardization bodies. Some phases of this activity became projects of UNI standards for the primary packaging sector.
In addition to testing, research activities is important, focused on providing assistance and support to companies for the realization of new projects related to the verification of food security and the implementation of innovative packaging solutions.

The laboratory is accredited by Accredia, accreditation n° 0006, in accordance with the UNI EN ISO/IEC 17025 for the performance of the main microbiological, chemical and physical mechanical tests.

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