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In the last years, sustainability has taken an important role in several areas. New technological solutions, able to satisfy legislative requirements concerning disposal and recycling, are increasingly sought.
This was possible thanks to intensive products engineering activities, also by taking advantage from packaging functional raw materials potentiality.
The biodegradability is one of the requirements commonly associated to eco-friendly and surely contributes to it.
The biodegradation consists in the transformation of an organic compound, through reactions caused by microorganisms. This process is fundamental for environment purification: indeed the microorganisms remove from soil and water polluting substances.
Different kinds of material have different biodegradability grade: generally natural origin substances decompose totally, while synthetic origin substances (plastic material, rubber etc) can keep for tens of years or centuries.
The Food Packaging Materials Division has facilities to perform biodegradation test in water and soil, decomposition and ecotoxicity in according to EN 13432:2002 standard.

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