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Food labelling assistance

Food labelling assistance: checking and updating of the FOOD LABEL in compliance with the European Regulation n. 1169/2011.

Food labelling is the best communication moment between the foodstuffs operator and the consumer.

The legislation to which food labelling undergoes has reached a consistent UE harmonization, even if some aspects have to respect national dispositions.

Food labelling is at the same time mandatory and voluntary according to the current legislation. Usually the basic captions are pull alongside to nutritional claims, health claims, advertising claims, special categories requirements such as for integrators and some products for particular diets, imagines and graphics, metrological rules.

CSI offers an integrated support to the food chain, GDO, retailers and food service for reaching the legislative and legal compliance and for supplying the correct information to the careful consumers.

The service is divided in two step:
• the chemical laboratory deals with foodstuffs characterization from a nutritional point of view and quality assay;
• assistance for labelling including the filling of the nutritional declaration, the creation of new labels and the review or update of existing label according to Reg. 1169/2011/CE.

The labelling working team is made up of technicians and lawyers, for info (form for sending questions)




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