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Food organoleptic tests

Sensorial analyses are scientific  branch of knowledge thet evaluate some product characteristics by using the five senses.

The subjective sensorial background that still today is used by the producers, is substituted with reliable objective, ISO or UNI standardized, methodologies, that can be used onto a great products range.

These technical standard are performed with a panel of trained people that are considered as an analytical equipment. Every disturbance element is strictly controlled in order to avoid physiological and psychological mistakes.

The samples are prepared in an unrecognizable way. 

The Food Packaging Materials sensorial tests laboratory is the place in which these tests are performed and it is deprived of external elements such as noises, odors, strange lightings in order to allow the judges concentration.

The sensorial profile is the descriptive analysis of product samples which are evaluated by judges. It is based on the descriptors theory: the list of all descriptors with their intensities generate the sensorial profile. We can perform also the image analyses, colorimetric test L*a*b ΔE, oxytest, texture analysis.

Organoleptic tests could be used in order to develop a new product or in order to make an existent product better; it could be used also as production storage or process control.

By using an external surveyors panel we can perform Consumer tests.

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