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Food Product Shelf life

Shelf life, in specific storage conditions, means the maximum period of time in which the passing of single reactive events cause modifications onto the food safety.

In their storage or distribution, foodstuffs are exposed to a great number of factors able to modify its intrinsic properties; oxygen, light, humidity are all parameters able to generate food degradation.

The consequences of degenerative mechanism is the unacceptableness from the consumers and, more seriously, the potential danger deriving from an incidental consumption. It is strictly required by the food chain factories to assess all products shelf life under different transformation, storage, packaging transport and distribution conditions.

Thanks to the packaging and foodstuffs deep know-how, CSI performs shelf life studies developed according to:

• Improving the packaging/foodstuff system and the packaging processes in order to extend the shelf life or the maximum storage time (checking of the modified atmosphere or controlling the sanitation treatments);

• Assessment of innovative food/packaging systems;

• preparation of protocols for the evaluation of the qualitative degeneration of the foodstuff (hygienic, microbiological, sensorial, nutritional, chemical-physical): Olfactive and gustative organoleptic tests, Imaging L*a*b DE, Textures evaluations, Oxitest, Microbiological and chemical parameters;

• Accelerated Shelf Life Test in order to reduce the conditioning times;

• Setting-up of Abuse TESTs in order to verify the products shelf life in worst-case condition;

• Challenge test.


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