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Food Safety

Food Safety: Control plans and due diligence for industry and retailers.

The foodstuffs official control aims to the product compliance towards health disposition, consumers protection and as a guarantee of the integrity of the commercial business deal.

By considering  that the food chain operators have the main responsibility, the official bodies have to check for the achievement of suitable guarantees in terms of safety along all the food chain step.

The in force regulations have an EU origin and they establish the check and production requirements in order to grant the free goods flow.

Beyond scheduled actions, other bodies actions can be performed both by citizens or by the food chain operators. CSI offers a support to factories and retailers and offers its know-how in order to prepare chemical and microbiological analytical plans onto food safety legal parameters with the related picking at the factory or at the retail store.

Every workplace has to be always monitored and controlled in order to grant suitable sanitation conditions and in order to be in compliance with national regulations concerning food self-monitoring and the HACCP. The results from swab tests is decisive in the evaluation of some disinfection products and in the identification of some corrective actions.

Swabs have to be checked every 6 months at least.

CSI microbiological laboratory can perform swab tests onto surfaces and onto equipments directly in the factory.

The main rewards of the Food Packaging Materials area are:

  • MURST Accredited laboratory for the self-monitoring plan for the food factory (law n.46/82);
  • Regione Lombardia accredited laboratory for the self-monitoring plan for the food factory;
  • COOP, Food, Ikea, Carrefour, Auchan accredited laboratory;
  • Laboratory designated MIPAAF to carry out the analysis of samples taken during official controls. Art. 12 of Reg. (EC) No. 882 of 29 April 2004 and subsequent amendments and additions


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