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Consumer goods & Retail

Household products

Household products are  widely used  and in CSI is evaluated not only the food contact compliance of  the materials according to different legislations, but also their performances and  functionality. These controls are incremented because of the import growth of  these products from Far East.  The special attention  to safety of consumer allowed CSI to project a check plan: sampling activity,  documental  control and pre-shipment tests. In this way household goods  quality and safety are checked before their entrance.

Performance and Resistance tests

Many companies (importers, producers, wholesalers, retailers…) need to respect quality and performance standards. In order to assure  the respect of these rigid requirements CSI offers many kind of tests:
• Resistance tests;
• Functional tests;
• “Fit for use” tests;
• Instruction manual evaluation;
• Test against a benchmark.


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