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Nutritional test and quality control markers

Nutritional information can be considered as the main way to allow the consumers and the chains operators to take consciousness decisions. Nutritional analysis is a useful tool for the characterization of foodstuffs from its constituent point of view (macro and microelements, vitamins, amino acids, fibers; it grants the product compliance to the labelling legislation.

CSI Food Laboratory searches  and defines food products profiles and performs also the following tests:

• Foodstuffs characterization by the constituents and ingredients determination such as food additives in compliance with Reg. EC  No 1333/2008 and allergens by using  E.L.I.S.A and Polymerase Chain Reaction (P.C.R.);

• Fiber, micro/macro elements, vitamins, bromatological tests;

• Determination of the mandatory labelling parameters according with the European Regulation 1169/2011;

• Sensorial tests;

• Identification of microbial flora having technological functions;

• Compliance with the GDO terms of contract;

• Filth test.

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