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Performance tests

CSI carries out various types of physic-mechanical tests, concerning materials, coating and textile resistance, that allow to determined their characteristics and check that they comply with qualitative standards of technical sheet or product standard.

The matrixes are:

  • Common fabric;
  • Fabric with coating;
  • Non-woven fabric;
  • Individual protection devices (IPD);
  • Plastic materials as flexible films, labels;
  • Ceramic or polymeric coatings;
  • Synthetic fabrics;
  • Physico-mechanical tests;
  • Colour fastness to chemical agents, to artificial sweat and artificial saliva;
  • Tensile strenght, mechanical resistance and adherence;
  • Abrasion resistance;
  • Dimensional change after conditioning;
  • Seams strenght;
  • Performance test during use (microwave oven, flame cooking, oven cooking).

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