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Many commodities categories fall within the field of application of specific directives and regulations. CSI supports the interpretation of the EU regulation with  the analytical service for granting the compliance with the chemical parameters of law also for packaging materials that are used for food contact. The substances that are used to produce materials that are in contact with food are subject to REACH registration if those materials are produced in the European Union. This adheres to the safety principles mentioned in the framework regulation CE 1935/2004, which controls all the materials intended to be in contact with food.

Imports into the European community of additives, pigments, slip agents, monomers or fillers involves the registration of substances, which are constituents of these categories of materials, if the amount of each substance is equal to or greater than 1 t  per year.

The import of plastic films or finished packaging articles consists in importing articles, where the word " article "means an object which, during production, is shaped in such a way as to determine its function.

For the articles, there is an obligation to inform the final user, if there are substances of very high concern (SVHC, listed in the candidate list and constantly updated) in quantities more than 0.1% weight of substance / weight of article: every manufacturer and importer of articles have to follow these updates to fulfill its obligations.

Film or articles generally should not be accompanied by a safety sheet; instead, it is required for substances or dangerous mixtures.

CSI is able to verify the presence of very high concern substances (SVHC) and to verify compliance with the limitations of the Reach Regulation (Reg.n.1907 / 2006).

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