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In recent years the concept of sustainability has taken a key role in different areas. New technological solutions, that meet the principles and requirements of the legislation on waste disposal and recycling, are increasingly requested. This was  possible thanks to strong  products engeneering processes by taking the advantage of the raw materials characteristics for creating a functional packaging. The biodegradability is one of the requirements most commonly associated with sustainability and it fully contributes to it. Biodegradation is the transformation of an organic compound, realized through reactions carried out by microorganisms. This process is so important for the environment purification since these microorganisms eliminate polluting substances from ground and water. Not everything has the same degree of biodegradability: the natural substances usually decompose completely; while those of synthetic (plastics, rubber, etc ...) can resist the attack of microorganisms for decades or centuries.

Food Packaging Materials Division is equipped for testing of biodegradation test  in water and soil, and disintegration test and ecotoxicity according to EN 13432: 2002; furthermore the laboratory carries out tests for heavy metals detection in accordance with Directive 94/62 / EC on packaging and packaging waste.

In the field of recycled plastic material CSI is able to support the companies for the development of Challenge tests in situ and subsequent presentation of EFSA dossiers.

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