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Wine laboratory

CSI is an authorized  laboratory for the release of official analyses certifications in the vinicultural sector such as the chemical controls for the compliance of DOC and DOCG wines;  these certificates have also value in the export contest:

  • Volatile acidity (0,05-1,5 g/l) MI_02_2012_FPM_FOOD Rev. 0 2012  
  • Total acidity (> 4 g/l) OIV-MA-AS313-01: R2009  
  • Total carbon dioxide  (1-250 mg/l) OIV-MA-AS323-04A: R2012  
  • Alcholic strength and relative density OIV-MA-AS312-01A: R2009
  • Non reducing extract and neat dry extract OIV-MA-AS311-02: R2009 + OIV-MA-AS2-03B: R2012
  • Total dry extract OIV-MA-AS2-03B: R2012  
  • Total alcholic strenght OIV-MA-AS312-01A: R2009 + OIV-MA-AS311-02: R2009  
  • Reducing sugars (Glucoe and Fructose) (0,05-250 g/l) OIV-MA-AS311-02: R2009

Tests are performed in the CSI Wine laboratory in Pastrengo (VR) in the branch of SIQURIA “Italian Society for quality and traceability of food SpA”, born in 2009 thanks to two big realities: the Centro Vini Veneto (CE.VI.VE; active in the valorization of the Veneto certified DOC or DOCG products) and CSI Spa. SIQURIA was acknowledged by the Ministry of agricultural policy (MIPAF) for the certification and control of DOP and IGP wines (D.M. 4818 dated 21 February 2012).

Beyond the MIPAF authorized tests, the laboratory is able to perform some of the main controls of wine chemical contaminants.



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